Electra Cooperates with CIU Insurance Guarantee 100% refund of Airplane Ticket Cancellation

Jakarta, August 7, 2019 – Sabre Travel Network Indonesia through the internet application-based business unit "Electra" cooperates with Citra International Underwriters Insurance (CIU Insurance), launched the latest product of "Smart Ticket" . This product was launched to help customers to guarantee the process of refunding flight ticket reservations due to cancellations and flight delays.

The launching and signing of the "Smart Ticket" collaboration letter was attended by President Director of Sabre Travel Network Indonesia, Denny Fajar, and Director of CIU Insurance, Luki H. Wahjoe, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/8).

Director of Sabre Travel Network Indonesia, Denny Fajar, explained that unexpected conditions are often found and cause various situations forcing customers to cancel their flight schedules. It costs loss for both customers and travel agents. With this "Smart Ticket", customers don't need to worry about flight ticket cancellation problems because the "Electra" application is equipped with various features needed to deal with these conditions.

"This" Smart Ticket "product is a facility for customers who experience problems in their flights. Customers only need to pay one premium to get three benefits," said Denny.

He added that some issues like cancellation of Garuda Group domestic and international airline tickets by passengers, would get a refund or refund solution of up to 100%, even for non-refundable promo tickets up to 20%. In addition, if the customer experiences a flight delay for more than 4 hours, or the customer dies or has an accident in the airport area, those will also be compensated.

According to the Marketing Director of CIU Insurance, Nickolai B. Indrarajasa, through this program, customers still feel secured while ordering flight tickets and do not have to worry about losing their money due to flight cancellations. The process is also far simpler and easier compared to the others than "Electra ".

"The refund process with "Electra" is only by following a number of simple procedures. First, we only need to include the accounting code, ID card number, and the front page of the savings account book through the claim website in the "Electra" User Agent application. This is done by verifying passenger data and calculating the amount claimed. Furthermore, after the verification and calculation process is completed, the funds will be transfered to the passenger's account only in a maximum of 2 × 24 hours," said Nickolai.

Denny hopes that the presence of CIU Insurance and the convenience it provides will make traveling businesses and customers not have any concern about flight ticket cancellations, delays and other inconveniences.

"In the future we will continue to innovate in adding various services and features to customer satisfaction, one of which is the Umrah package," concluded Denny.

Meanwhile, Nickolai hopes that through cooperation with Electra, this Smart Ticket can provide the best service in the field of travel insurance claims for both customers and travel agents.

"Electra" is a booking engine based on the E-Commerce platform that is equipped with various features needed in traveling, such as online payment, travel insurance, travel cash, and pay-later, which is the form of National Bank support for financial needs required by travel agents, especially in managing its corporate clients. And everything is embedded in one platform.

While CIU Insurance has so far published Hajj and Umrah travel insurance products, as well as served 130 thousand participants. Out of the total participants, 1800 claims were made due to sickness.