Launching of “Electra” helps Travel Agent business in disruption era

Jakarta, July 19, 2019 - Sabre Travel Network Indonesia, through its business unit, launched the "Electra" internet application based on, to facilitate travel agent businesses serving corporate and individual travel service users to book flight, hotel, tour, umroh, leisure and other transportation packages. The launching of "Electra" application platform was attended by the Director of Sabre Travel Network Indonesia, Deny Fajar; University of Indonesia Management and Business Expert, Prof. Rhenald Kasali; and Motivator and Entrepreneur, Merry Riana in Jakarta, Friday (7/19).

The service and innovation of "Electra" application started from the many obstacles faced by conventional travel agents who find it difficult to compete with existing online businesses. This is due to the shifting of people's behavior from the manual method to digital platforms, resulting in disruption in the conventional travel business. According to the Director of Sabre Indonesia, Deny Fajar, some of the obstacles faced by conventional travel businesses are mainly from the weak vision and strategic anticipation of conventional players in facing the digital era, coupled with the long and complicated licensing process for online ticket access, including the payment system. In addition, large investments are still needed to be able to build an online application, and also the lack of understanding related to the working patterns of digital marketing itself.

He explained, "Electra" is a booking engine based on the E-Commerce platform that is equipped with various features needed in traveling, such as online payment, travel insurance, travel cash, pay-later, in the form of the National Bank's support for the financing needs required by travel agents, especially in managing their corporate clients. They are all embedded in one platform. Breakthroughs made by "Electra" do not stop here. The length of the licensing process to get online access to Airlines, including the process of obtaining online payment facilities has become simpler and faster through "Electra". Travel Agent who registers Electra, will automatically get a website domain in the name of his own agency in the form of mobile apps that can be downloaded via Google Play or Apple Store. It only needs to be activated according to the established procedures, by filling the deposit in a virtual account that is also provided for booking and issued ticket transactions.

We hope that the presence and convenience provided by" Electra "will give conventional travel businesses new opportunities and energy to develop their businesses even bigger.

On the occasion, University of Indonesia Management and Business Expert, Prof. Rhenald Kasali said that in this digital era all business people flock to migrate to digital platforms. Many changes in people's behavior cause competition in the digital world, including travel agents. "This causes business disruption, where innovations will make other businesses look unattractive," he said.

Not only innovation that is needed by conventional travel agents to be able to move to digital platforms, but it also requires the support of the entire ecosystem, including the owner of the ticket /Airline inventory to simplify the process of registering access to travel agents including the ease of getting access to online payment facilities through the payment gateaway. Electra comes with a solution to strengthen business and maximize the potential of travel agents.

With the various facilities provided, conventional travel businesses can expand their markets and are not burdened with high costs to invest. "Electra" cooperates with IPaymu as a partner providing online payment services and also PT Bank Artha Graha Int'l Tbk as a provider of banking services. IPaymu is a customer solution for making payments online. While PT Bank Arta Graha Int'l Tbk is a solution for Travel Cash by using a GPN debit card that makes it easy for inbound travelers to make transactions at many merchants in Indonesia, comfortably and practically (cashless).

"The advantage of registering for Electra for business travelers is the ownership of online applications connected to all Domestic and International airlines, along with beneficial features to consumers instantly, using their own travel agent identity. In addition, the transaction security-base used is the Deposit-Top Up method so that there will be no delayed payments. This is certainly a feature that is prioritized by all parties because there will not be any outstanding, so the entire process is simple, fast and safe, "said Deny.

In a disrupted market condition today, the one-stop solution offered by "Electra" will certainly greatly help traveling businesses in increasing their business. However, without maximum support from the entire traveling business ecosystem, especially from the Airline to simplify the entire licensing process and the requirements that have been boundaries for conventional travel agents, it will be difficult for Electra to be able to provide all of these facilities. For that, I would like to show my gratitude and highest appreciation to the leaders of Domestic Airlines for their support by having actually made a breakthrough in the normative process to be more practical. This is a tangible manifestation of Garuda Group support and other for conventional business operators who to immediately transform into the digital era," concluded Deny Fajar.

For our counterparts in Travel Agents who are interested in finding out more about Electra can directly contact email and more information can also be accessed through the Electra website at